NACOS Radio: October 2011

Oahu here I come, by Yoko K


17年振りのハワイ --- 陽子
Hawaii, after 17years’ absence . . .

りくをこえ うみこえめざすは オアフとう

Over the land
Over the ocean
The island of Oahu here I come


My niece who lives in Hawaii notified me that she would be having her wedding reception. I thought “Great! Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific ocean and much closer than Japan.” It turned out to be a hasty conclusion. Upon purchasing airline tickets, I calculated hours it took from Nebraska; 12 hours plus to Hawaii and 13 hours plus for a return trip. I forgot that before reaching the Pacific ocean, I had to traverse half of the continent.

めのまえは みどりしたたる アラワイのおか

In front of my eyes
Ala Wai ridge
Abundant green


My niece secured for me a hotel room facing the Ala Wai canal.
Even though I lived in Oahu for 18 years, most of it was spent in Waianae in Western Oahu, having not much contact with Waikiki. I was dazzled by the lush green of the Ala Wai ridge spreading in front of my eyes.

Illustration by Dr. Norman Kelley

Special enjoyment, by Yoko K


ひろうえん ゆうびなフラを まんきつす

Wedding ceremony
Special enjoyment
Elegant Hula


The bridegroom’s sister was once a professional hula dancer. When she danced “Magic Island”
, the accompanying music filled the ceremonial hall. I was able to sing my heart out. I felt really good.


ハウピアか アヒポケタコポケ みなうまし

Fried Haupia balls
Ahi poke Tako poke
All are delicious

You can’t talk about Poke without the special seaweed harvested in Hawaiian sea.


きゅうゆうと じゅうしちねんぶんの おしゃべりを

With an old friend
Seventeen years’ worth

Mmm, I can’t believe that I haven’t seen her for 17 years.

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