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ごあいさつ Welcome to NACOS! We are a communication-based institute specializing in English and Japanese language instruction. We invite you to join us in a fresh and enjoyable learning experience which will enrich your life.

The NACOS Experience

The main goal of most language students is to be able to speak and understand their target language proficiently. The NACOS experience was designed to achieve these goals without the hours of individual vocabulary and grammar study required of the traditional student. Subjecting students to this quite artificial learning system often produces students who know the theory behind a language, but cannot speak it or communicate effectively. Those students who are afraid to speak because their language is not perfect quickly realize that, in reality, a "perfect communication" can be achieved with less-than-perfect language skills. NACOS gives students real language experiences that go beyond the classroom.

Our students create their own language world by focusing on personalized instruction and learning materials. NACOS also provides students with short but meaningful experiences which will become the foundation for language becoming a part of their lives. This not only provides them with knowledge of their target language, but also the motivation and desire to continue learning. We believe that it is possible to lay a strong foundation for this by effectively utilizing a short time period, a few key resources (people, facilities, and location), and personalized learning materials.


Weaving language into your life

An essential part of the NACOS program is our "Nagaya Project," which affords students an opportunity for continued use and acquisition of their target language. Students write a "Self Portrait," and later submit short stories about their lives. These are translated from the students' native language and are utilized as a tool for communication on a very personal level. Using these student-specific materials, we tailor our lessons to each individual. By repeating and practicing these translated versions of their "Self Portrait" and short stories, the students become familiar with vocabulary, expressions, and language patterns that relate directly to them. They become comfortable with self-expression in their target language and are thereby empowered with the skills necessary for more natural, fluent communication in the future.

We also provide a continued service to students through our "Nagaya" website. Former students are able to send further short stories to NACOS' innovative site. They may also access it for news about their fellow students and the people they got to know during their time at NACOS. In this way, students enjoy and benefit from the program long after it is over.

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