Common Problems of Language Learners

Goal 1: Weaving Language into your Life

Goal 2: Seeking Fruitful Communication

Goal 3 : Self-Discovery

Common Problems of Language Learners

Scene from Noriko's Project

Learning a foreign language is a attractive task, so many students spend their entire lives trying to achieve native-like fluency. They spend much time studying vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation, structure, and so on from textbooks. However, despite their efforts, they still can not speak the language fluently.

NACOS began to analyze the reasons for this and found some typical problems:

Students have only a vague goal or reason for learning the language, which inevitably leads to a lack of motivation to study it. Also, even if students do have a clear goal, but they study from a textbook, they will have these same results. They lack motivation because the topics and situations are focused on the textbook, not on the individual students. (It is interesting to note that even many advanced language learners are not confident about what to say or how to react in some cultural situations). Therefore, NACOS works together with individual students to help them find a clear direction for their studies and express themselves in their own personal style. This creates the necessary motivation for a life-long language experience.

Students do not realize the difficulties of learning a foreign language. At first glance, it looks attractive and easy to obtain, but actually the language world stretches very far. There seems to be an endless amount of information to be learned. When language students see all of this information, they become overwhelmed and feel that they can gain confidence only after learning all of it. So, NACOS chooses a small piece of that information which is related to the student in some way and uses it as a focus to study the new language.

Also, many students can not organize their notes and want to acquire new information quickly. Because of this, their valuable experiences and hard work disappear with time. So, NACOS organizes the activities of each student into a text booklet and advises them how to use it in their daily lives.

Based on this analysis, in order to solve these problems, the student's mind set is important. Therefore, they need some time to think about these problems and find some workable solutions. At NACOS we address these issues in an individualized Orientation, which helps students realize that learning a foreign language can be enjoyable as well as meaningful.